Other Musicians Performing on

It's About Time

Adam ~ Michelle ~ Angela ~ Jon

On most of the songs on this record, Jon is accompanied by one or more other musicians:

Jon's daughter, Angela, is a graduate of the performing arts vocal music program at Firestone High School, the magnet arts school for the Greater Akron, Ohio area.  As a teen she was also a member of the Summit Choral Society's renowned Touring Ensemble, which performs all over the world. She toured in Italy and China with that choir.

Angela also studied in vocal music at Kent State University. Her beautiful voice and adept harmonies, as well as her skill on flute, combine to add an intriguing dimension to the recording.

Adam Miller, Jon's son, performs on percussion.   His first teacher was Jon's friend, legendary local expert percussionist, Bill Roth, until Bill's passing.

Adam's work on drums, Congas and other percussion instruments, accentuates the music with interesting rhythms.

Michelle Gippin has played keyboards for over 50 years, mastering various styles.

She performed with Jon for more than 13 years at a local church. Her lovely alto voice makes a nice complement on the album.


Songwriter and acoustic musician, Michael Grady, is one of the outstanding performers in northeastern Ohio. He is a top guitarist and teacher, who is also a specialist in recording.

His outstanding ear, his sense of musical composition, and his instrumental and recording skills, insure a superior recorded production at his studio. His own performances and recordings are remarkable.


Click Here for a video of Jon & Angela singing "Time".

Click Here for a video of Jon & Angela singing "What Do You Need?".



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