The Inner Spaces Concert
songs and stories of life, awareness and wisdom
a  unique concert performance
acoustic music ~ humor ~ insight
The Inner Spaces Concert is a collection of original songs and stories of life, imagination, loving and insight presented in an acoustic solo performance.
This has been developed over more than 50 years, drawing on a lifetime of exploring awareness, philosophy and wisdom, as well as learning from unusual people and a wide variety of experiences.
A background in theatre, speaking, writing and performing a variety of music for more than a half century, have provided an enjoyable range of expression for the stories, dreams and ideas of The Inner Spaces Concert
This event could be described as intimate musical theatre in a coffeehouse style performance. The songs are performed solo with voice, guitar and harmonica. 
The Inner Spaces Concert manifests on the stage of the imagination, working like a dream with inspiring messages for the dreamer.


Here's the background about Inner Spaces from Jon:

In July of 1971 Inner Spaces Coffeehouse was begun as a summer project while I was a graduate student at Hartford Seminary and working at a church in Hartford, Connecticut.

Top quality acoustic music and other performances, art and a variety of discussions drew many young adults to attend our program in an inner city church basement. This program was run to serve as an alternative folk arts experience and social encounter. There was no preaching or religious soliciting.

Later we merged our program with another downtown coffeehouse, and we expanded to be a vibrant non-profit community arts center with many activities.

Upon my return to Ohio in 1975, we gave the name "Inner Spaces" to the non-profit natural health center we started that soon generated the Akron food cooperative in 1976.

The co-op was reformed a few years later as "Cooperative Market", which distributed natural and organic foods in Akron for over 25 years. The organization more recently engaged in education about organically grown food and urban farming and gardening under the name "The Akron Cooperative".

Meanwhile, in the late 70's and early 80's several people who had met primarily through the co-op began getting together to play music and party together occasionally. Eventually this was regularized over 20 years ago in what is known as the "3rd Saturday Music Society", a floating monthly music party gathering at various local homes. 

Now I invite you to participate in a new Inner Spaces experience, The Inner Spaces Concert.

This performance is dedicated to my friends and listeners. Please consider arranging for a performance in your home or other intimate venue.


The Inner Spaces Concert

songs and stories of life and awareness
a relaxed artistic evening of music, humor and insight

Contact Jon to be notified of the next performance.


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