It's About Time!
Jon David Miller

the song sage

singer ~ songwriter ~ storyteller ~ philosopher
insightful songs and stories of life, change and renewal

If your speakers are on, you may be hearing a sample of the song "Time To Understand".

What is time? When is it present?
The future's soon past; the present just went!

It's About Time is a musical presentation on a compact disc record album that I have prepared for you. I hope you will listen and enjoy it.

If the insights about our experiences of time and life stimulate your thinking or if the music uplifts your feeling, I will be greatly pleased.

My daughter and son, as well as a couple of friends performed with me on the record. I appreciate their artistic contributions.

The 12 songs to explore are as follows (after the sample on this page finishes, click on the title to listen to any choice and follow the lyrics):

The individual songs are available to listen, each on its page. However, the record has been created as a whole piece. Please consider obtaining it. Then give it a few "spins" and let me know what you think!

-- Thanks, Jon


In addition to his recording on cd, Jon has created a unique special live performance of songs and stories called The Inner Spaces Concert, and a workshop presentation named "Yeswise".



"The cd is just great. We listened to it all the way to South Carolina." - Jim B. & Marcia T.

"Your cd is wonderful. It makes me happy!" -- Linda I.

"The vocals and music playing are first rate." - S.M.

"Your cd is so cool and thought provoking. The kids did a great job too." -- Jill B.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate this wonderful music. I am really enjoying it. It is so good!" -- Lawanna, Lotus Lodge


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Jon is available for performances at various venues:

concert halls, colleges, schools, libraries, churches, coffee houses,

night clubs, wine bars,  festivals,  fairs, home concerts, special events, etc.


professional entertainment for over 50 years


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Adam ~ Michelle ~ Angela ~ Jon


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It's About Time


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