Jim Gattuso

Memorial Service - Sunday, Dec 20, 1 pm on Zoom.us

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My friend Jim Gattuso made his transition on the evening of December 8, 2020, after five months in home hospice care. I had been staying with him as a caregiver during this time.

I met Jim in 1977 through the Center of New Thought Philosophy that he co-founded, and he has become one of my closest friends over the decades.

James Anthony Gattuso, Jr., was born July 25, 1951, to parents Vivian and James A. Gattuso, Sr. He was raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and graduated from high school there. He has a sister, Joan, a retired Unity Minister living in Hawaii, and a brother Perry in Akron, as well as uncles Mike and Joe, several cousins, wife Vicki, and many friends that survive him.

Jim had a college degree in comparative religion, and maintained a lifelong interest in religion and philosophy, one of the interests we shared.

Another great common like was music. Some of Jim's favorite artists include Justin Hayward, the Electric Light Orchestra, and, of course, The Beatles. (NOTE: December 8, 2020 is the 40th anniversary of John Lennon's passing.)

Jim lived in his home on N. Portage Path for over 40 years. He has been a very successful business creator, starting several ventures operated from home that did well.

These business activities have included meditation centers, water purification, wholesale of movie videos to stores, juicer sales, video production, Amish life videos and Amish-made office furniture, the most successful.

His beautiful wood-crafted furniture line has a specialty in stand-up desks. Jim initially contracted with an Amish builder for three of these desks to get one for himself. He wanted it as a means of standing relief for back pain. He quickly sold the other two desks and took up the business for a profitable ride.

Jim loved his little Japanese Chin dog, Oshi, who went on to another realm ahead of him earlier in the year.

Jim really enjoyed gambling, and was fairly good at it. He tried to teach me to win at roulette by using intuition, but the "tuition" of losses while learning was more than I wanted to spend!

I have spent a lot of time with Jim in the last several years, doing yard work and other tasks for him, going places, chatting about life and its many activities, and finally caring for his needs.

Now he is out of pain and on to new adventures. I'll miss seeing him physically, but he'll still be with me in thought and memory.