original music and creative thought
Jon David Miller

performing professionally since 1964

singer ~ songwriter ~ storyteller ~ philosopher
original folk and blues with jazz influences
insightful songs and stories of life, change and renewal
acoustic instrumentals with guitar & harmonica
"a breath of fresh thought"

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Jon is available for performances at various venues:

concert halls, colleges, schools, libraries, churches, coffee houses,

night clubs, wine bars,  festivals,  fairs, home concerts, special events, etc.

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A Message From Jon:

"Now is the time to move with purpose."

Hi and welcome.

Please let me share a little about myself, my thoughts, and the music I invite you to hear.

As a singer songwriter, philosopher and human nature analyst, I perform an ancient cultural role in sharing knowledge, wisdom and insights for our mutual betterment.

There are some serious problems going on in our world, as well as wonderful possibilities. The health and well-being of people and nature are being challenged. We need to learn as much as we can about what is going on and work together to make things better.

I intend that my presentation of music, information and analysis, raises awareness and inspires improvement.

-- Thanks, Jon


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It's About Time



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Jon David Miller
"a breath of fresh thought"
original music ~ creative thinking

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